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The Essence of The Vedas

English Aarsh(आर्ष)
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  • By : Dr. Kapildev Dvivedi
  • Subject : About Vedas Teachings
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Keywords : Veda's Teachings

The Essence of The vedas

Book s name – The Essence of The vedas

Writer s name – Dr. Kapil Deva Dvivedi This book is intended to provide a glimpse of the Vedic Wisdom. The vedas have rightly been regarded as ocean of knowledge leading to noble lige and for the attainment of peace, prosperity and salvation for the humanity. With a view to providing the essence of the Vedas, writer has collected and arranged some basic texts of the Vedas subject wise, so as to facilitate easy reading pertaining to different topics. they have divided the the whole matter sub headings. The matter is arranged according to the relevant topics. The vedic mantras are written in standard Roman script. The Scheme of Transliteration has been given on page 13. Writer has tried to transliteration the Mantras as accurately as possible. To avoid ambiguity I have dis joined euphonic combinations at serveral places and marked them with a hyphen. In translating the stanzas special care has been taken to make the underlying idea exact and lucid. At several places, instead of giving the literal translation, writer has preferred to give the underlying idea of the stanzas. As regard stanzas relating to sciences the central idea has been high lighted in the translation. The Mantras have been slected from all the four Vedas and some Shakhas of the Yajurveda, via Taittriya Samhita, Maitrayani Samhita and Kathak Samhita. The Mantras have been arranged subject aawise. The stanzas containing similar ideas have been put together at one place. At place only a part of a mantra has been given in accordance with the requirement of the topic under discussion. In References Rg Veda contains serially mandala sukta Mantra. In Yajurveda it is Adhyaya Mantra. In the Sama Veda only number of Stanza has been given for that purpose. In the Atharvved it is Kanda sukta and Mantra. For correct reading of the Mantras standard Roman script has been used and dia critical marks are given accordingly. The Scheme of Transliteration and Abbreviations have given on pages 12 and 13. Its hoped that the book will enrich knowledge of the Scholars and Enlightened people.