पोस्ट पनिनियन ऑफ़ संस्कृत ग्रामर

Post Paninian Systems of Sanskrit Grammer

By: R.S.Saini
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  • By : R.S.Saini
  • Subject : Post Paninian Systems of Sanskrit Grammer
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Keywords : Post Paninian Systems of Sanskrit Grammer

The present work contains a detailed information about the Post-Paninian systems of Sanskrit Grammar which were written from First century A.D. to 16th century A.D., mainly with the view of presenting the rules of learning Sanskrit vyakarana in the easiest but comprehensive form. Efforts have been made to elucidate and evaluate the method and technique adopted in the various systems. I have included the in this work- Katantra, Candra, Jainendra, Sakatayana, Sarasvatikantha-bharana, Sarasvata, Mugdha-hodha, Haima, Samks-Iptasara and Supadma Vayakarana

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