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Matsya Purana: 2 Volumes


Subject: The Garuda Purana
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From the Jacket:

The Matsya Purana earns its title from the fish incarnation of Visnu, the other nine being Kurma, Varaha, Narasimha, Vamana, Bhargava Parasurama, Rama, Krsna, Buddha and Kalki. The Matsya Purana is not all based totally on the life story of Matsya, but it deals with various other subjects, though in some of the chapters Matsya himself is the speaker.

Matsya Purana contains 291 chapters in total. First among all it describes the dialogues between Manu and the Lord, known as Manusamvada and deals with the following subjects in successive order, viz- the history of Brahmanda, the Sariraka Samkhya as explained by Brahma, the origin of the Devas and Asuras, as well as Maruts, the observance of Madanadvadasi vrata, the ways of the worship of the Lokapalas, the description of the Manvantaras, the history of king Vena, the birth of the Sun and Vaivasvata and the meeting with Budha.

Then it deals with the families of the manes, the times of performing Sraddha, Pitrtirtha Pravasa, the birth of the moon, the history of Yavati, the glory of Svamikartika, the history of the Vrsni and Yadava houses. Then it describes various ordinances, glory of various tirthas and rivers, the movement of Sun and Moon and their relative positions, the churning of the ocean, worship of the Devas, the characteristics of palaces, pandals and housebuilding, the forms of the temples and pandals, the history of Puru dynasty, the narration of the coming sovereigns, the description of the sixteen gifts such as Tuladana, etc., the names of the Kalpas etc.

The present edition of Matsya Purana is a complete book in 2 volumes that includes Sanskrit text, English translation with Notes, an exhaustive Introduction and complete Index of Verses. We hope that this book will be very useful not only for the general readers who have interest in ancient Indian literatures, but also for the scholars.




CHAPTER 1The cause of the lord Visnu assuming the form of fish and other related details1
CHAPTER 2Conversation between Matsya and Manu4
CHAPTER 3The primary creation7
CHAPTER 4The story of Sarasvati11
CHAPTER 5Birth of the daughters of Daksa and Kumara Karttikeya16
CHAPTER 6Description of the Kasyapa dynasty19
CHAPTER 7Birth of Maruts and description of Madana Dvadasi22
CHAPTER 8Presiding deities of each sarga and the crowning of Prthu as king28
CHAPTER 9Description of Manvantaras and seven Rsis29
CHAPTER 10The story of the king Prthu and the milking of the cow32
CHAPTER 11Genesis of the solar and lunar dynasties and the story of Ila35
CHAPTER 12The story of Ila and description of Iksvaku dynasty40
CHAPTER 13Description of Pitr-vamsa and the hundred and eight names of the Goddess45
CHAPTER 14Fall of Acchoda from the heaven and her redemption at her prayer to the manes50
CHAPTER 15Description of Pitr-vamsa and the method of performing Sraddha52
CHAPTER 16Different kinds of Sraddhas and the qualities of the Brahmanas to be invited in the Sraddhas55
CHAPTER 17Performing of Sraddha for achieving prosperity and emancipation61
CHAPTER 18Method of Ekoddisti and Sapindikarana Sraddha67
CHAPTER 19Distribution of havya and kavya by Pitrs in Sraddhas69
CHAPTER 20Story of the sage Kausika and the ants71
CHAPTER 21The story of Brahmadatta and the four sheldrake birds74
CHAPTER 22The time suitable for the performing of sraddha and some rules connected with the same77
CHAPTER 23The origin of Moon, his marriage, performing of Rajasuya yajna, his attraction for Tara, his fight with lord Siva, and ending of war at the instance of Brahma.83
CHAPTER 24Birth of Budha from the womb of Tara, the story of Urvasi and Pururava and that of Yayati88
CHAPTER 25Kaca and Devayani join Sukra for learning of Mrtasanjivani after bearing painful situations93
CHAPTER 26Devayani proposes marriage with Kaca who refused and their mutual showering of curses100
CHAPTER 27Quarrel between Devayani and Sarmistha, Sarmistha pushes Devayani into the well, Yayati saves Devayani, conversation between Devayani and Sukracarya102
CHAPTER 28History of Yayati and dialogue between Devayani and Sukra105
CHAPTER 29Denouncement of Vrsaparva by Sukracarya and Sarmistha becomes the slave girl of Devayani106
CHAPTER 30Forest sports of Devayani and Sarmistha with their handmaids, arrival of the king Yayati – his talk with Devayani and his marriage with her.109
CHAPTER 31Birth of a son to Yayati from Devayani, meeting of Sarmistha with Yayati in seclusion and the birth of a son to her as well112
CHAPTER 32Talk between Sarmistha and Devayani getting annoyed at the birth of a son to Sarmistha, Devayani goes to her father with a complaint.115
CHAPTER 33Yayati's efforts to exchange of old age with the youthful age of his sons who declined, but Puru accepted the old age of Yayati, earning the boons118
CHAPTER 34Enjoying of worldly pleasures by Yayati, and then his proceeding to the forest crowing Puru as the king121
CHAPTER 35Performing of the tapas by the king Yayati and his reaching the heaven124
CHAPTER 36At the instance of Indra, Yayati repeats the advice given by him to his son Puru125
CHAPTER 37Fall of Yayati from the heaven and the question asked to him by Astaka127
CHAPTER 38Conversation between Yayati and Astaka129
CHAPTER 39Conversation between Yayati and Astaka132
CHAPTER 40Discussion of Yayati and Astaka on asrama dharma135
CHAPTER 41Discussion between Yayati and Astaka, Yayati refuses to accept the merits granted by 137
CHAPTER 42Refusal of the king Yayati to accept the offer of the kings including Astaka and others140
CHAPTER 43Description of Yayati's dynasty and the story of Kartavirya Arjuna144
CHAPTER 44Burning of the trees with lustre of Kartavirya, curse of Vasistha to Kartvirya and the description of Andhaka race147
CHAPTER 45The story of Syamantaka gem154
CHAPTER 46Description of Vrsni dynasty156
CHAPTER 47Life story of Krsna, history of Daityas, battle of gods and the demons159
CHAPTER 48Description of Turvasu and Druhya, story of Bali and the birth of Karna181
CHAPTER 49Description of Puruvamsa, Bharatavamsa and the birth of Bharadvaja etc.189
CHAPTER 50Comprehensive history of the rulers of Puruvamsa194
CHAPTER 51Dynasty, Origin and various names of Agni201
CHAPTER 52Description of Dharma and Adharma, the excellence of Karmayoga over Jnana-yoga205
CHAPTER 53Descriptions of Puranas and merit of making the gift of a Purana208
CHAPTER 54About the ordinance of Naksatra-purusa214
CHAPTER 55The merits of the vow of Aditya-sayana218
CHAPTER 56Krsnastami Vrata and the merits of adoration of Siva in different months221
CHAPTER 57Rohinicandra-sayana Vrata, The rules of performing different vows222
CHAPTER 58The rules of consecration of newly built tanks, wells, pools, temples etc.225
CHAPTER 59The rites of dedicating trees and planting groves230
CHAPTER 60About the ordinance of Saubhagya-sayana232
CHAPTER 61The birth of Agastya and the dialogue between Narada and Siva236
CHAPTER 62Description of Ananta-trtiya vow241
CHAPTER 63Vow of "Rasakalyanini trtiya" and rite of Sahasra Agnistoma245
CHAPTER 64About the ordinance of Ardranandakari trtiya248
CHAPTER 65Vow of Aksaya-trtiya and its merit250
CHAPTER 66Description of Sarasvata ordinance251
CHAPTER 67Merits of charity at the time of solar and lunar eclipses252
CHAPTER 68Rituals of bathing on the seventh day of a bright fortnight254
CHAPTER 69Vow of Bhima Dvadasi258
CHAPTER 70Vow of Anangadana, the method of worshipping Kama263
CHAPTER 71Description of the ordinance known as Asunyasayanadvitiya269
CHAPTER 72The vow of Angaraka, the dialogue between Pippalada and Yudhisthira270
CHAPTER 73Method of the pacification of planet Brhaspati and Sukra275
CHAPTER 74The vow and merits of Kalyana-saptami276
CHAPTER 75The merits of the vow of Visoka-saptami278
CHAPTER 76The ordinance of Phala-saptami279
CHAPTER 77The vow and merits of Sarkara-saptami280
CHAPTER 78The vow and merits of Kamala-saptami282
CHAPTER 79The vow and merits of Mandara-saptami283
CHAPTER 80The ordinance of Subha-saptami284
CHAPTER 81The ordinance of Visoka-dvadasi, the method of worshipping Laksmi285
CHAPTER 82The merits of gift of Gudadhenu and other symbolic images of the cow288
CHAPTER 83The benefits and greatness of all gifts291
CHAPTER 84The description of gift of salt-hill295
CHAPTER 85The description of gift of raw-sugar-hill296
CHAPTER 86The description of mountain of gold296
CHAPTER 87The description of mount of sesamum297
CHAPTER 88The description of gift of cotton-hill298
CHAPTER 89The description of mount of clarified butter298
CHAPTER 90The description of mount of gems299
CHAPTER 91The description of the mount of silver300
CHAPTER 92The description of the sugar-hill301
CHAPTER 93The performance of Santi and Pusti (Oblation to the nine planets)304
CHAPTER 94Description of the form of nine planets318
CHAPTER 95Method and merit of the ordinance of Siva-caturdasi319
CHAPTER 96The greatness of giving up of all fruits322
CHAPTER 97The method of Sunday ordinance325
CHAPTER 98The process of bringing Samkranti to a close326
CHAPTER 99The vow of Visnu-vratam, known as the Vibhuti-Dvadasi328
CHAPTER 100Description of the vow of Visnu-vratam330
CHAPTER 101Prescribing of the sixty vratas and the related glory334
CHAPTER 102Method of taking bath and the performing of tarpana341
CHAPTER 103Anxiety of Yudhisthira, his meeting with the sage Markandeya344
CHAPTER 104The glory of Prayaga and description of various sacred places347
CHAPTER 105Position of those who die at Prayaga and the importance of giving a cow in charity348
CHAPTER 106Glory of Prayaga and description of various auspicious places351
CHAPTER 107Description of the various sacred places of Prayaga355
CHAPTER 108The glory of Prayagatirtha357
CHAPTER 109Glory of Prayaga in preference to other tirthas360
CHAPTER 110Dwelling of all the auspicious tirthas at Prayaga362
CHAPTER 111Stay of Brahma, Visnu and Siva at Prayaga363
CHAPTER 112Glory of Prayaga as described by Vasudeva365
CHAPTER 113The description of Jambudvipa and its mountains and varsas366
CHAPTER 114Description of Bharatavarsa, Kimpurusa and Harivarsa373
CHAPTER 115Story of the earlier birth Pururava380
CHAPTER 116Description of Airavati river381
CHAPTER 117Description of the astonishing splendour of Himalaya383
CHAPTER 118Description of the astonishing beauty of Himalaya and the hermitage of the sage Atri385
CHAPTER 119Entry of Pururava in the hermitage, description of the grandeur of the asrama and the tapas performed by Pururava390
CHAPTER 120Tapas of the king Pururava, sports of Gandharvas and apsaras, arrival of the sage Atri, the boon granted to the king393
CHAPTER 121Description of Kailasa and Ganga besides Jambudvipa397
CHAPTER 122Description of Sakadvipa, Kusadvipa and Salmalidvipa402
CHAPTER 123Description of Gomedaka and Puskaradvipa409
CHAPTER 124Speed of the Sun and the Moon described414
CHAPTER 125Description of the movement of the sun and his chariot421
CHAPTER 126Riding of different gods over the Sun's chariot in different months425
CHAPTER 127Description of the chariot of the planets and praise of Dhruva431
CHAPTER 128Movements of divine planets and the speed of the sun and the moon433
CHAPTER 129The building of Tripura439
CHAPTER 130Building of Tripura by Maya-danava442
CHAPTER 131Comfortable living of the Daityas in Tripura, witnessing of the dream by Maya444
CHAPTER 132Atrocities of the Daityas of Tripura, taking refuge of the gods with Brahma448
CHAPTER 133Building of a surprising chariot of Siva for the killing of Tripurasura450
CHAPTER 134Attack on Tripura by Siva and other gods455
CHAPTER 135Attack on Tripura by Indra at the command of Siva, victory of the gods the retreat of the Danavas to Tripura458
CHAPTER 136Anxiety of Maya, construction of a surprising step well, terrific war between Nandikesvara and Tarakasura465
CHAPTER 137Anxiety of Maya with the drying of the step-well, Danavas enter the nether world470
CHAPTER 138Terrific battle between the gods and the Danavas and killing of Tarakasura473
CHAPTER 139Maya entrusts safety of Tripura to the Danavas convincing them again478
CHAPTER 140War between Gods and Danavas, killing of Vidyunmali by Nandisvara483
CHAPTER 141Pururava's union with the sun and moon489
CHAPTER 142Description of the Yugas496
CHAPTER 143Description of yajna and its method502
CHAPTER 144The temperament of Dvapara and Kaliyuga, the story of the king Pramati, start of Krtayuga505


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