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वेद ऋषि परिचय

Bharat, a land which once had a glorious past, where innumerous high-ranking scholars and philosophers were born who established the nation as a world leader. The foundation of Bharat being world leader were Vedas and texts written by sages who led their life on Vedic principles, and the usage of the Vedic teachings by the residents here in their normal life.

There is no doubt in the fact that the study of Vedas and other Vedic texts by pure intellect proves that they are unbiased and the best source to gain knowledge. In today’s world, Bharat is highly impacted by the western culture and in this situation, it has become very difficult to extend the reach of pure knowledge till common people. People are even unaware of the meaning of words which deeply impact our lives. Situation is that if people are asked the meaning of the name of this country, probably very few people will be able to answer it. Dependency on a foreign language has been increased to such a great extent that the use of our mother tongue in its pure form has become almost impossible. In this situation, it is not surprising to see that there is no awareness in people about protecting their own language. Past world leader Bharat is in such a worse situation that most of the people here are just indulged in fulfilling their basic needs and are forgetting their glorious history by getting involved in western modernisation.

After studying various scriptures in Gurukuls, during the migration to several cities of India, on seeing the neglect towards culture, rites and scriptures in urban life, a student’s heart filled with immense pain.

On the basis of his earlier studies, that student realized that if the character and cultural level are to be upgraded again in the country, then people will have to bring back their wealth of knowledge. Some option has to be presented to ignite the flame of this knowledge and reach the people.

What else could have been this option besides great literature? The texts of the Godly Vedas and sages and the literature of many scholarly writers corresponding to them, so that the intent of these texts could be clear, could prove to be a pioneer for the cultural and character building of the person. But today the irony is that for the sake of commercial gains, non-theoretical, projected books are being published. The interest of the common people has also changed in the blind race of modernity and they started liking low level literature itself. Low-level books are doing harm to society instead of favouring them. A good literature is like a friend while non-theoretical books are like an enemy.

When important ancient scriptures of India are being published by various publishers all over India, it becomes a difficult task to find out which scripture is pure as per the Vedas in these texts. Only a scholar with Gurukul education and with keen interest in Vedic literature could do this work. The Vedrishi project, an authentic center of Vedic ancient texts, was established with the aim of getting the Vedas and Vedic books from one place. By this project, pure texts are carefully examined and selected in the light of the opinions and suggestions of the best scholars of India.

In order to spread the light of knowledge of Vedas, the major Indian texts written by sages, printed by various publishers of India and Vedic books composed by various authors are publicised, so that people can get the pure knowledge which will help them in this world and in paradise. While studying, people should not have any doubt about the authenticity of the scriptures. Presently, the sole purpose of this project is to bring authentic literature to the masses.

Today, Vedrishi project is being carried out to provide valuable Vedic books of about 90 publishers of India to the people. Right from the inception of the Ved-Rishi project, this project has received immense affection by the lovers of Vedic literature. Today, has become a medium for spreading authentic texts and literature to the Vedic literature lovers not only in India, but all over the world. Ved Rishi project has kept many other objectives in mind for propagating Vedic knowledge. If the enthusiastic literature lovers want to make any contribution to this great work, then they are requested to visit our website and purchase Vedic literature and inspire their friends and relatives to purchase books from here, so that our sacred purpose of spreading the wealth of ancient knowledge of this country can be reached to every person.

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