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मैन्त्रयनिया सुल्बसूत्रं



SKU 37586-AP02-0H Category puneet.trehan
Edition : 2016
Publishing Year : 2016
SKU # : 37586-AP02-0H
Packing : Hardcover
Pages : 160
Dimensions : 14X22X6
Weight : 500
Binding : Hardcover
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I feel elated to give this book to the readers-students as well as the erudited scholars and hope that this book will be – helpful in understanding the geometry of the ritual enclosures. The Vedas played a pivotal role in maulding the Indian culture. The Yajurveda proved to be a fountain head for the Vedic ritualism and a vast literature in the form of the Srautasutras came into vogue to record the detailed procedure required for the performance of various yajñas. The Sulbasutras being the part of the Srautasutras deal with the geometry of the ritual encolsoures which are essential for the performance of various sacrifices. As the Adhvaryu makes arrangements for the paraphernalia required for the accomplishement of the sacrifices, hence, all the Sulbasütras belong to the Yajurveda – the Katyāyana Sulba belongs to the Sukla Yajurveda and the remaining Sulbasūtras to the Krsna Yajurveda.

In the present book, the Sulba has been produced along with the Sanskrit commentary by Sankara; the Hindi commentary Sulhamitra, English translation and geometrical figures. A sincere effort has been made to explain the sutras in a simple way so that the purport of the Sulbakāra is conveyed to the readers. The rationale underlying the formulae given in the Sulba has been discussed threadbare in the light of the antiquity so that the justice may be meted out to the ancient seers of the ritual tradition. I express my deep gratitude to Dr Damodar Jha, whose works are utilized in preparation of this book. I also convey my indebtedness to the Devesh Publications and Surender Kumar Vashisth (DATACOM), Ashoka Palaza, Rohtak, for their valuable services.
The valuable suggestions from the readers are invited so that the infirmities, if any, may be removed in future.
DP Kularia

Weight 560 g


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