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SKU N/A Category puneet.trehan
Subject : Manusmriti, मनुस्मृति
Edition : 2015
Publishing Year : 2015
SKU # : 37226-PP00-0E
ISBN : 9788171105274
Packing : Hardcover
Pages : 588
Dimensions : 14X22X4
Weight : 827
Binding : Hardcover
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In the Indian tradition, the most ancient Smrti has been created by Prajāpati Manu. It is the oldest and authentic text of Human Theology. Many directives of the Manu Smrti can be seen in the great epic Mahābhārata also compilation of which began in the Dvāpara Yuga. Manu Smrti contains about 2600 ślokas in the 12 chapters.

The main contents of the 12 chapters speak about the different ways in which a human can get happiness. The contents are:

1. The genesis of the universe.

2. Procedures of performing ceremonies, the methods of fulfilling vows.

3. Holy baths, sexual life, performing marriages, Mahāyajñya (religious sacrifices), method of pacifying deceased ancestors etc.

4. Regular ablutions and routines, Sūtaka Vrata.

5. Edible and non-edible things, cleanliness, impurity, the duty of the wife.

6. Vānaprastha, liberation, detachment.

7. The duty of Royal people.

8. The relegation of duty.

9. The duty of women and men, the duty of departments, the annihilation of the wicked, etc.

10. The narrow, parochial castes, the duty in emergency.

11. Repentance.

12. Transmigration, Supreme Bliss.

13. The objective of the universe, actions, the merits and defects coveted to deeds, place and castes, the duty of the clan and liberation.


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