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शरीर रचना विज्ञान

Thattes Sharira Rachana Vigyan


Subject : Thattes Sharira Rachana Vigyan (Human Anatomy)
Edition : 2005
Publishing Year : N/A
SKU # : 37435-PP01-0H
ISBN : 9788170801540
Packing : N/A
Pages : 805
Dimensions : 8.8″ X 5.4″
Weight : 530
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Prof. D.G. Thatte, Founder-Director of all India Sharir Research Institute has tremendous experience in the field of Ayurveda teaching and research. He has contributed enormously on Sharir through sources of books and publications.

Born on 2nd August, 1930, in Banda, in the family of traditional Maharashtrian family with academic intent, Prof. Thatte from the very beginning was interested in Ayurveda and Indian medicine. Prof. Thatte graduated from University with Gold Medal. He obtained his post-graduate degree from West Germany and thereafter obtained his doctorate from Sri Lanka.

Dr. Thatte for a teaching career putting aside all the lucrative offers. As a dedicated teacher he researched to the post of Principal-cum-Superintendent, State Ayurvedic College, Lucknow besides holding the position of Head of Pg Department of Sharir, State Ayurvedic College, Lucknow. Dr. Thatte also held administrative responsibilities of Additional Director, Ayurvedic & Unani Services, U.P. Presently, he is National Professor, Rashtriya Ayurveda Vidyapeeth, New Delhi, is also visiting Professor to IMS, BHU, Gujrat Ayurveda University, Jamnagar and a number of prestigious institutes and Universities throughout India. He is also member of Corte Group for teaching of Foreign Scholars, Gujrat Ayurveda University, Jamnagar.

During his illustrious career as a teacher and administrator Prof. Thatte was honoured with over dozens of Awards and fellowship including Dr. Birbal Sahni Scientific Award, Ayurveda Shiromani Award, Ratna Sadasya, Rastriya Ayurveda Vidhyapeeth, etc.

Prof. Thatte has been participating in international and national conferences as invited speaker or chairperson. Dr. Thatte has contributed around 80 papers in various international and national Journals and has also published more than a dozen of books. Currently, he is working on an elaborative Encyclopedia on Indian drugs.


After two years of hard work in writing this book, when I sit back and evaluate this venture, I feel quite satisfied with the outcome that has come up. It was my earnest desire to bring forth a comprehensive textbook on Sharir Rachna which covers all the aspects including the pure and applied ones in line with the modern knowledge available today. During five decades of my experiences as a disciple of Ayurveda, I myself have felt a void in the knowledge of Sharir in the wake of the modern developments. As a matter of fact, Sharir lays the foundation for the understanding of concepts of Ayurveda. Without the proper knowledge of Sharir, both Rachna and Kriya, one may not be able to resolve the intricate mysteries that come up as vitiations and present in the form of disease. Keeping in view this very requisite, the present work has been initiated.

During the preparation of this book, attempt has been made to cover each topic with both Ayurvedic and modern points of view. Each topic has been covered in detail with .necessary illustrations. Textual quotations from authentic sources have been explained in easy understandable language. The Ayurvedic quotations have also been correlated and corroborated with the modern texts. The interpretations of the Ayurvedic texts in light of contemporary conditions and their analogies with the modern conditions. The controversies have also been tackled up with various available sources of knowledge and author's own experience. It has been tried to utilize all the three valid means of knowledge of this category i.e. “Pratyaksha” or direct perception, “Anumana” or inference and “Shabda Pramana” or verbal testimony. The sources include both primary and secondary data.

Through this book I have tried to come up with an authentic text on Sharir Rachna which is of International standard and may be used as a source material not only for the scholars of Ayurveda but also for all those who are interested in this ancient yet contemporary field of medicine. As English is fast becoming an internationally rather globally accepted medium of communication, we have tried to explain each term of Ayurveda with its English synonym. As most work of Ayurveda is either in Sanskrit or an amateur English version thereof, I felt my duty to come up with ‘a standardized terminology which is uniform throughout, comprehensive and self-explanatory. At the same time while correlating with modern texts, new Sanskrit terms have been coined by the author to make them easily digestible for the learners of Ayurveda.

Care has been taken in standardizing the text and its presentation. The , Chaukhambha Sanskrit Series, Varanasi, have subordinated their financial gains and have gratefully honoured my request to print the book on high-quality paper without enhancing the cost of the book for the readers. They have also been considerate enough in giving me free hand to put as many colour plates as are necessary to make the text comprehensive and elaborative.

I feel this book will be able to fill the void in the knowledge of Sharir in light with modem developments and will prove to be a reference source not only for Ayurveda but also for any practice of Medicine including the modem one.

I have detailed the needs and requirements for which the book has been written for. The book is now in your hands, you have to judge how far have I been successful in fulfilling these needs and requirements. Although every care has been taken to cover all the aspects still I feel that there are some topics on which .exchange of knowledge from the readers will help in improving the book even further. Now I put the ball in your court to decide the fate although I most humbly reminisce an old couplet in English “A man could do nothing if he thinks that he could do it so well that no one would be able to find fault with what he has done”. With these words, I own responsibility for all the flaws (if any) in this work and would be grateful to the readers if they could give me chance to improvise over them.

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Dimensions 20272 cm


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