द ओरिजिनल फिलोसोफी ऑफ़ योगा (द योगसूत्रा ऑफ़ पतंजली)

The Original Philosophy of Yoga (The Yogsutra of Patanjali)


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Subject : Yoga Darshan
Edition : 2018
Publishing Year : 2018
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ISBN : 9788170772521
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Book’s name – The Original Philosophy of Yoga

Translation and Commentary by Dr. Tulsi Ram Sharma

The original philosophy of yoga is reveled in the Veda. Mahrishi Patanjali, through his knowledge and practice, collected the Vedic revations from the Samhitas and composed them in a systematic treaties which we know today as yoga Darshan.

Yoga drshan is one of the six Darshanas of Vedic Philosophy. The synthesis of all the six, otherwise known as system, has been worked out by Swami Dayanand in Satyarth Prakasha. If you want to know the whole Yoga Philosophy at a glance, refer to Yoga Darshan: Chapter-1, sutra 2-4, and chapter-4 sutra34

Chapter-1: Yoga is ‘Samadhi’ total self – integration of sadhak‘s consciousness, either, or itself (I am), or on Pure Being, nothing else. Chapter-1 takes care of different kinds of Samadhi: Vitarka, Vichara, Ananad, Asmita, Sabija and Nirbija.

Chapter-2: This chapter takes care of the human problem of suffering, which must be eliminated. If there is suffering, there must be a cause. The cause is confusion of the spirit with its material paraphernalia. The cause must be removed. It also describes the eightfold path of yoga called ‘Ashtanga’.

Chapter-3: This chapter goes into the high ways and bye-ways of yogic powers, often described as super-normal, even super-natural. There is a warning also: Don’t fall for these.

Chapter-4: This chapter describes the psycho-dynamics of living and spiritual realization and sublimation of the self, with freedom from the material condition and elevation of the spirit to its purity as stated in sutra-3 Chapter-1.

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