द प्रैक्टिकल पंचकर्म थेरोपी

The Practical PanchaKarma Therapy


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Subject : About Panchkarma
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Ayurveda is the science of life deals with ways and means of protecting and preserving the health of people. It promotes good health through daily regimen, rules of healthy living, rules of good behavior and character, proper sleep, proper intake of food, proper sex with intake of healthy and sex promoting drugs. There are other several factors that are advocated by Ayurveda for a healthy body and mind.

Man is a miniature of the world. Nature is made up of pancha maha bhutaa and so also man. Man is the microcosm of the universe and where as the world is the macrocosm. Ayurveda postulates the treatment for diseases as

  • Nidana Parivarjana-to remove the causative factors for the diseases.  
  • Shamana chikista-Palliative line of treatment for diseases  and the

Diseases may recur after some time.

  • Samsodhana Chikitsa – curative line of ­treatment as Pancha karma.

Man of body is flooded with Air pollution, Water pollution and food adulteration.

Apart from these he has to work and live in a state of stress and strain leading to mental distress. The bodily and mental toxicity have to be overcome by detoxification therapies it needs the application of Samsodhana Therapy for trio purification of the body to cleanse the macro channel of food nutrients, energies and medicines utilized during treatment, but also to permit the free flow excretables from the body.

The body is composed of different organs, tissues and systems which conduct several functions for maintaining the healthy body and mind and also in the entire life process. In ayurveda the concept of srotas system is dealt with as the body is made up of many channels.

          Srotas contains not only macro or micro structures which will have some space.

Inside and have openings – it is similar to structure of the body as explain earlier, several organs, tissues, etc.  With a basic structure of a cell which is having membrane.  It transmits nutrients and allows excretion of by products to come out with osmosis.

          There is awareness for ayurveda throughout the world. There are pancha karma centres in all most all ayurveda colleges and research institutes in India and also in foreign countries.

          The efficiency of pancha karma therapy in chronic diseases has been hailed by patients. Doctors of other system of medicine are also evincing keen interest in these treatments. Panchakarma procedures will rejuvenates the body tissues in health and the diseased organs after the detoxicating the toxins from the body. The degenerated tissues will be reverted to regeneration to a healthy state. To cite some examples for the efficacy of panchakarma chronic colitis, pepticulcers. Different types of arthiritis asteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, spondylitis, chronic asthma pseudo muscular destrophy, muscular wasting and liver diseases etc. are all will be cured with this therapy.

          The relevant photographs of plant and therapies are inserted in the book stage for easy understanding of the procedures. This book is printed an art paper and all photos are in color which will enhance the quality and elegance of the book.

          Vaidyas of ayurveda are put to lot of problem to conduct practice panchakarma

This is also felt in my last 40 years of practices. So this book is at your hands. I hope this book will certainly be a practical guide to ayurveda students, research scholars and lastly practitioners.                

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