द स्मोकलेस फायर

The Smokeless Fire


Subject : The Smokeless Fire
Edition : 2018
Publishing Year : N/A
SKU # : 37518-SV00-0E
ISBN : 9789387242210
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Pages : 177
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Binding : Paperback
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Continuing from my earlier work, The Causeless Cause: The , Eternal Wisdom of Shwetaashwatara Upanishad, a commentary on the Shwetaashwatara Upanishad, this book contains three of the most loved Upanishads – Isha, Kena and Katha. Considered the first three Upanishads, they are often read together.

The commentary follows the same style that the readers have come to expect, i.e., it presumes no prior knowledge whatsoever from the reader of the Vedas, the Upanishads, or Indian spiritual tenets in general. Also, it is brief and lucid, while not taking away from the depth of meaning of the Upanishad. It is, thus, written keeping the busy first-timer in mind.

Unlike other Upanishads that are from the Braahmanas or the Aaranyakas (ancient commentaries on the Vedas), Ishopanishad is directly from the Vedas. However, there is a slight difference between the Vaidika version and the Upanishadic one. This book covers both the versions, taking up the Vaidika one first, followed by the Upanishadic one. Being a chapter from the Yajurveda, this Upanishad is as authoritative as it gets. For this reason, it is considered first among Upanishads. This divine Upanishad covers a lot of ground – from the mundane duties of the Material world to the quest for spiritual salvation. Also, being part of a Veda, its language constructs are very unique. Mandatorily, Vedas should be interpreted by Rshis, or seers. For this reason, my commentary is based on the greatest seer of modern times, Swamee Dayaananda Saraswatee of the Arya Samaj.

Kenopanishad is a short, but oft-quoted Upanishad. It contains an endearing parable that places the Vedas as the fountainhead of all knowledge.

No-one needs an introduction to Kathopanishad! In some way or the other, the story of Yama and the boy Nachiketaa has percolated to each and every Indian. Its closeness to the Bhagawad Geeta has only added to its charm for its readers. The pull of the senses and the need to break away from them in order to achieve the ultimate goal of a human being forms the main theme of this a Upanishad.

There being many layers of meaning in such texts, the new reader is strongly advised to read the Introduction before venturing forth into the Upanishad. This will provide the necessary grounding in Vaidika precepts.

I am confident the reader will be transported to a different sphere by each Upanishad and will leave her/him much enriched. I wish you an exciting journey of discovery and look forward to your reactions to these sublime Upanishads!


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