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वेदास अ डिवैन लाइट



SKU 37620-VR00-SH Category puneet.trehan
Edition : 2007
Publishing Year : 2007
SKU # : 37620-VR00-SH
ISBN : 9789380698144
Packing : 5
Pages : 850
Dimensions : 14X22X6
Weight : 2000
Binding : Hardcover
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By the grace of Almighty God, Who is “Vishwaguru”,

because He showers the knowledge of four Vedas on us in the beginning of the creation of universe, I have been able to produce this holy book named “VEDAS- A DIVINE LIGHT” which is my 17th literary piece of work. God, the Creator, showers divine light in the shape of Vedas on the human beings, through which the illusion is overcome. So according to Yajurveda mantra 40/8 too, it is not only God's kindness to bless human beings with divine body made of five matters but His great mercy is in showering the divine light of Vedas on the earth by which, human-beings are able to maintain their long, happy life and attain perfection in four divine matters i.e., Arth (finance), Dharam (religion-duties-pious deeds), Kaam (pious desires), Moksh (salvation). Without Guru (spiritual master), there is no knowledge. We must consider deeply that when creation starts, there were no mother, father, Guru/Acharya, sun, moon etc., so who gives the knowledge to the non-sexual creation (man/woman)? All the human beings/living beings including mother, father, gurus etc., of the previous creation are dead. This typical question is answered by Rishi Patanjali in his Yog shastra sutra 1/26 as under:

“Sa Eshaha Purveshamapi Guruhu Kalenanvachhedat” Meaning:

God is the Guru of the first four rishis of non-sexual creation at the beginning of the creation because He is

free from the ties of time and death. So Almighty, formless, omnipresent God was, is and will ever remain the first Guru of the first four rishis of nonsexual creation. After gaining Vedas' knowledge from God, the said four rishis of non-sexual creation preached Vedas to . The four Vedas contain three vidya i.e., knowledge- science etc., deeds- about deeds and upasana – worship and thereafter the alive rishis have been preaching us the Vedas traditionally as a Guru. This fundamental law of God is eternal, unchangeable and everlasting. So no doubt that Almighty God is our Vishwaguru. We all are the children / servants / worshippers of the God. The degree of Rishi-Muni; learned and of divine mind is awarded Himself by God, as per Atharvaveda mantra

4/30/3. So no human-being can claim himself to be Rishi, Muni or Vishwaguru etc., until the same is awarded by God. And the same is awarded when an aspirant attains Asampragyat Samadhi. I have described about such Samadhi in Yog Shastra Pt I & II (comments in Hindi). I too, am a worshipper of Almighty God who blessed me with His divine knowledge/light of Vedas. And according to Yajurveda mantra 31/18, “Aditya

Varnnaha Tamsahaparastat” with the help of the divine light, I serve the people while trying to give answers to their questions to enable them to seek shelter of Almighty God to obtain His divine blessings. I pray again and again to God that may God bless me and make me capable of serving the people in this way perfectly. I feel that by the grace of God you send the questions to me and thus you make me able to serve you all by giving answers, through the divine light of Almighty God. So really I too feel personally, that when I sit before computer to answer, the answers automatically start flowing from within me, the source of which is DIVINE LIGHT and not myself. Yes, many people may say to have full faith in religion, saints.etc., only and questions/doubts are not required to be put whereas Vedas differ. In this matter, there are many proofs to put questions to clear the doubts like in Upanishads, Bhagwad Geeta and the religious talk between Guru Nanak Dev Sahib, Bala and Mardana. Vedas preach that one should always be ahead to put questions to any Acharya by which knowledge is gained and spread. So nowadays, it does not look nice if doubts are not put in the shape of questions to any religious, saint, Acharya etc. Some people state that no question must be put forth, being a religious matter. This is not acceptable by Vedas as cited above. In Vedas, God has Himself given knowledge by asking questions and giving answers thereof Himself and has promoted such tradition which really becomes a source of acquiring wisdom. This book contains questions received through E-mail from aspirants all over the world along with answers thereof.

Weight 2000 g


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