विश्वकर्मप्रकाशः वास्तुशास्त्रम्

Vishvakarma Prakash


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Subject : Vishvakarma Prakash
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The important distinctive features of this edition, which makes it different from other published editions, are — 
1.    The original Sanskrit text is compared with the photocopy of the manuscript, made available from Varanasi.
2.    Understanding of meanings of the shlokas in the light of principles explained by Seer Vishvakarma in various contexts of this scripture. 
3.    Reproduced all complete verses from Vedas and other scriptures for performing Vastu rituals and sacrifice, as referred by Seer Vishvakarma in various shlokas.
4.     Ayaadi calculations are explained with a practical example, with a logical interpretation of various terms used for numbers used in Ayaadi formulas, in Annexure 2.
5.    Logical explanation and interpretation of the meaning of units of ‘Hasta’ and ‘Angula’, in the light of the definition given by Seer Vishvakarma, in Annexure 1.
6.    More than 150 tables/indexes/charts, and 10 Annexures in the commentary to various shlokas, with respect to astrological, other references, and summary of principles explained. With these, a reader of this commentary is not required to refer to other books to know the meanings of the terminology used in the Sanskrit text. 
7.    Complete Vastu-Yajna with the detailed procedure, required to be performed at the time of “Shilanyaasa” = Laying of the foundation stone, is given in Annexure 9.
8.    Complete Vastu-Yajna with the detailed procedure, required to be performed at the time of entry into a new house or after renovation, is given in Annexure 10.
9.    Complete Vedic verses “Svastivaachana”, “Shaantikarana”, “RudraSukta”, “Varuna-Sukta”, and “Purusha-Sukta” are given in annexures. 
10.    Explanation of Vastu Purusha Mandala in 64 cells and 81 cells, colors and allocation of cells, and their uses.  
11.    Commentary is done by a person, who is himself a practionar of Vastu. 
This is a unique commentary with many of the above features for the first time. 
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